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The Next Page: Supporting Children's Early Math Learning

How do children's first experiences with math can impact their lifelong learning? And what we can do as parents, educators, and medical providers to support them?

Just as young children are constantly learning new words and names from the world around them, they are also absorbing new ideas about numbers and shapes. These early experiences shape the foundation of a child's math skills and can set them on a trajectory for success and lifelong learning, or years of difficulty.

Check out our free The Next Page: Supporting Children's Early Math Learning with our special guest, Christopher Danielson, PhD. We discuss how young children think about and learn early math concepts like numbers, shapes, and making comparisons, how we can reduce 'math anxiety' in parents and caretakers, and how we can address our state's longstanding disparities in math achievement by supporting our learners in their first years of life. 

The session was recorded on Wednesday, April 20th (12pm to 1pm)

  • Christopher Danielson has worked with math learners of all ages: 12 year-olds in his former middle school classroom, Calculus students, teachers, and children of all ages together with their parents and caregivers at Math On-A-Stick at the Minnesota State Fair. He writes curriculum at Desmos, and books for Stenhouse. He blogs at Talking Math with Your Kids. His favorite vehicle is his trusty cargo bike.

  • Gigi Chawla is Chief of General Pediatrics at Children's Minnesota as well as Medical Director for Reach Out and Read Minnesota. Throughout her career, Dr. Chawla has sought to better integrate behavioral health, developmental health and social services into children's primary care. She frequently appears in the media to provide health guidance to families.

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