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Medical Consultant: The pediatric primary care MD, DO, NP, or PA who is most enthusiastic about Reach Out and Read and wants to champion the cause due to a deep appreciation for the critical first 2,000 days of a child's life. While neither a demanding nor time-consuming role, he or she will provide oversight of the clinical components of the program to: 

  • Ensure that Reach Out and Read best practices are implemented throughout the pediatric or family practice department;
  • Foster discussion of and create support for efficient systems (book delivery to the exam room)
  • Assure compliance with requisite online training by provider staff;
  • Share relevant information with medical providers on early literacy and language development and Provider Bulletins that Reach Out and Read makes available from time to time; and
  • Act as the medical "face" of the program; connect with the executive leadership of the health center, clinic, or practice. 

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