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Right now, Reach Out and Read Minnesota has an enormous opportunity to expand our programming in every corner of the state. Minnesota Legislators recently introduced HF 1384 and  SF 2000, which would give us $300,000 in state funding over two years. We are a small-budget, big-output organization, and funding like this will have ripple effects on thousands and thousands of Minnesota children for years to come!

It has never been more important to invest in the future of Minnesota children and we have never had an opportunity quite like this! We need the help of our supporters to make sure this important legislation gets passed. 

We've put together a template you can use to express your support to your legislators. We also encourage you to customize or add your own message!

General Call/Email Script

Just fill in your name, your representative's name, and customize however you see fit!

"Dear [Rep/Sen],

My name is [name] and I live in [district]. I am writing to you to encourage you to support funding for the Reach Out and Read Minnesota program through HF 1384/SF 2000. Reach Out and Read is an evidenced-based early literacy program that provides young children and their families with books and early learning guidance at their regular check-ups at their healthcare provider . This program is vital because it supports children’s learning when it has the biggest impact in their first years of life, and it helps prevent learning disparities before children even enter school. This program is a smart, cost-effective investment in the future of our state’s children and the future of our state as a whole.

Thank you,


Provider Email/Call Script

If you are a Reach Out and Read Minnesota medical provider, be sure to contact the representative and senator from the district(s) where your practice!

"Dear [Representative/Senator],

My name is [name] and I am a [credentials] at [clinic] in your district. I am writing to encourage you to support the Reach Out and Read Minnesota program this year through HF 1385/SF 2000. Reach Out and Read is an evidenced-based, cost-effective program that brings books and essential early learning guidance to young children and their families across the state. This program is majorly important for young children in Minnesota because it can reach young children before they enter school and it can combat disparities in learning before they occur. I have witnessed firsthand the impact it has had on children at my clinic. With state funding, we can make sure that every child in the state has access to this essential program.

Thank you, 


We also encourage you to thank Representatives Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn ( and Cheryl Youakim (, as well as Senators Karin Housley ( and Steve Cwodzinski (contact) for introducing these bills.

Key Committee Members

Our bills are currently being heard by the Early Childhood Finance and Policy Committee in the House and the Education Finance and Policy Committee in the Senate. It is especially important that we reach these senators and representatives. 

Early Childhood Finance and Policy Committee: Rep. Dave Pinto (64B), Rep. Laurie Pryor (48A), Mary Franson (08B), Rep. Peggy Bennet (27A),  Rep. Liz Boldon (25B), Rep. Brian Daniels (24B),  Rep. Jim Davnie (63A), Rep. Lisa Demuth (13A), Rep. Tony Jurgens (54B), Rep. Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn (48B), Rep. Kelly Morrison (33B), Rep. Ami Wazlawik (38B), Rep. Dan Wolgamott (14B), Rep. Rena Moran (65A).

Education Finance and Policy Committee:  Sen. Roger Chamberlain (38), Sen. Justin Eichhorn (05), Sen. Charles Wiger (43), Sen. Julia Coleman (47), Sen. Steve Cwodzinski (48), Sen. Zach Duckworth (68), Sen. Jason Isaacson (42), Sen. Mary Kunesh (41), Sen. Scott Newman (18).

We deeply appreciate your support during this crucial opportunity! Together we can accomplish something BIG for Minnesota kids. 

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