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Reach Out and Read Minnesota recently provided 1,000 gently used children’s books for disbursement through the Bemidji Community Food Shelf. The books will be given to families visiting the food shelf to meet food needs.

"Make sure you're prioritizing what's important, bonding with that baby, loving that baby, enjoying that baby, reading, teaching, singing, loving that little one."

"To me, literacy is a core social driver of health given that it impacts your access to so many of the other social drivers. A child’s early literacy skills lay the foundation for how they will do in school, their potential for graduation, which impacts their ability to get a job with fair wage and benefits like health insurance, access to loans and homeownership, and ability to mitigate the impacts of environmental racism."

"Because these books have an impact on how we think… When these attitudes take root, they take root in childhood. And a lot of times they come through the books that we hand to children."

"We have created a new program to distribute ‘book bundles’ to families with children between the ages of 0 and 6 months. These packs of three books have been specially selected to stimulate an infant’s curiosity and help them explore, feel, and learn about their new world."

"The exterior painting, placed on plywood, will feature a woman standing in front of a book that has vines and plant life emerging from it. The image symbolizes growth and rebirth while evoking the clinic’s partnership with Reach Out & Read, a citywide literacy initiative."

See our press release.

Lessons and recommendations from Italian pediatricians in response to COVID-19.

Reach Out and Read MN board member, Dr. Nate Chomilo, reads a book with his son for the #ReadTogether campaign

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